Marketing and smart technology solutions

From the communication channels to solutions and procedures, technology has helped businesses to cover multiple grounds and restructure themselves. Along with their businesses, organizations are inclining themselves towards technology for smarter workplace design and workplace transformation trends.

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The following covers some of the significant technological advancements that clearly shined over the workplace in and are still up and going for more in upcoming years:. AI gained importance with its wide range of applications and its ability to integrate with other technologies. AI helps SMEs do different tasks in better ways, making them more relatable to modern and productive ways.

It generated new solutions for the HR department like in credential verification, payroll management, and creating a professional decentralized data exchange securely. Furthermore, it creates more transparency for all stakeholders and organizations. Blockchain as a Service is still nowhere near its full potential and will continue to rain its new solutions on office work and its inhabitants.

This trend is given a boost with the integration of elements, including new methods and services with various devices. This trend is intensifying rapidly in the workplace. The smart everything concept is being utilized in identity access management, like in conference rooms. The concept is to make intelligent work and living environments using digital transformation and automation. And furthermore by integrating a set of channels and tools to boost space efficiency at multiple levels including security, communication, regulating public spaces, and personalization in the workplace without dissenting with privacy or organization policies.

The digital twin method helps generate real-time data by connecting digital devices and processes by pre-planning at lower costs by utilizing simulations for futuristic products. This assists offices in analyzing and predicting the challenges early and looks out for more advanced solutions, preventing downtime, and develop better products and new opportunities.

The IoT established its root in many areas in the previous year in workplaces with its usage in Real-Time operating systems. Furthermore, the IoT can support the integration of data and information processing while being in control through various transportation systems. That led to the experimentation of multiple IoT related gadgets in the workplace. Machine learning continues to be a trend to watch over and is affecting how we work, live, learn, and get entertained.

Natural Language Processing NLP is also one of the components of AI, which basically, helps bots in humanizing its ability to interact while communicating with humans. It also creates a non-biased environment among the candidates and thus may help in increasing the diversity between the employees. Many workplaces continue to use AI and its many subsets to automate, communicate, integrate, store, and secure in many ways without even realizing it.

This makes the processes to gain speed, optimize operations, plus manage and monitor its employees. It provides smarter automation assistance in everything from internal mailing processes and content creation to industrial manufacturing.

Intelligent Edge solutions work over the data generated by IoT devices and analyze it there itself in the edge of the network and thus known as edge computing without the need of sending it to long data centers route first.

This lets organizations analyze data in near real-time. Major service providers are providing a connected modern workplace solution. For example, HPE and Accenture, for designing connected advanced workplace solutions, operating at the Intelligent Edge.

It enables cutting-edge digital technology for:. So many new technologies in use may raise many security concerns.Working from home became a norm for a lot of people this year. However, the shift from the office desk to a full-time home office was hard on almost everyone. Technology took care of half the fuzz and, as always, offered great solutions.

Smart Technology Solutions Intro

Hop on the technology train and explore the top-notch apps to improve your home office setup. A password manager is an ultimate time-saver when new apps and programs are used while working or studying. Usually, password managers offer folders which can help divide the work-related passwords and personal ones. Also, the password manager offers safe password sharing with colleagues or classmates.

The passwords sent this way will be encrypted, and no other person except the receiver will be able to see them.

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This may be handy when sharing the same account with others or sending login credentials. Notes apps have changed the actual paper notes for a decade now. The yellow paper squares are no longer cluttered on a table and can be placed, organized, deleted on the screen without involving any paper waste.

There are plenty of note apps on Google and Apple stores. Although the big providers themselves offer note apps, for example, MacBook already has a preinstalled app called Stickies. Always check the review section on Google Play or Apple store and do some research on the company providing the app.

If the provider has other products verified by the store, it is most likely safe to use. Google technology solutions are probably the easiest to use since all Google products are synced and connected to one account, meaning they are accessible anywhere, no matter the device. Google Drive is incredibly convenient when using multiple devices for work, such as laptops and an iPad.

marketing and smart technology solutions

Also, Google Drive can open various types of documents: pdf, Word, Excel, etc. It also allows document sharing and editing with other Google account owners. Google Drive has alternatives for non-Google users. Dropbox works similarly to Google Drive and allows document sharing, cloud storage, file synchronization. Dropbox can be used for personal needs or businesses. For a single user, Dropbox offers a free account with 2GB of free and encrypted cloud storage. There is also a possibility to try Dropbox for free, for a 14 or 30 days trial period depending on the paid plan.

Another alternative to Google is Tresorit. Tresorit is known as one of the safest and most private cloud drive services. It uses military-grade encryption, which means all files stored in the cloud are encrypted, and no one can read them, including Tresorit staff. For more personal usage, the right choice is pCloud. The encryption is the same as Tresorits and offers a zero-knowledge protection policy meaning all files are encrypted before they leave the device.

Both of them are paid, although the lifetime prices are lower in comparison to annual ones. Increasing productivity is a constant struggle for most. Great productivity means better results, more money, greater efficiency, and simply brings joy to oneself.Transitioning from the fourth industrial revolution to the fifth, we have become so used to the fast pace of innovation that we continue to expect ever more effective and work efficient technological solutions.

We can see this by taking an in-depth look at one of the top trends in technology — smart technology. Pinning down a definition for something as diverse as smart technology can be quite an arduous task given that the field of smart technology is developing at a relentless pace, making innovations outdated almost as quickly as they arrive.

It is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide cognitive awareness to objects that were in the past considered inanimate.

A network of devices that make use of sensors, chips, software, online connectivity, analytics, and applications to bring static physical objects to life. These devices create substantial value, and they are futuristic, scalable, and automated. Smart security cameras, smart bulbs, and smartphones are some examples of smart connected devices. With limited automation, no need for internet connectivity, and programmable nature, smart devices, for instance, smart coffeemakers, provide certain personalised services at a particular time.

This has become possible due to smart technology. Whether it be adjusting the lighting of a room, securing your home, or ordering your favourite food online, smart technology is available at your beck and call. It takes convenience to a whole new level. Given that, more often than not we do not optimise our use of energy and instead waste it by forgetting to turn off domestic appliances, smart technology can play a pivotal role in helping conserve energy.

It can regulate and automate the use of energy, for example by switching off or adjusting lights, heating, and cooling appliances when they are not in use, or when the required conditions have been achieved. This saves money and at the same time helps conserve energy, a true win-win.

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Smart technology offers more reliable security than traditional, manually operated security systems. Smart security gadgets such as door sensors, alarm systems, security cameras, and video doorbells help warn building owners about the various threats to their property.

Apart from alerting the owners, law enforcement agencies are also informed, and protective measures such as, blocking certain pathways or locking rooms, are taken.

In addition to this, smart digital smoke, gas, water and sewerage leakage can not only be detected, but also the technology enables real-time preventive action, potentially saving one from discomfort and even bodily harm. Smart technology makes use of data to understand how improvements can be made.

This entails that processes and systems become more efficient, and you as a person become more productive. Imagine waking up exactly on time after having slept comfortably to find that everything is ready for your needs to start your day well, eliminate distractions and leave for work on time. Energy bills can be reduced by using smart technological devices such as a smart thermostat, smart lighting, remote power management, water heaters, washing machines, and fridges as they can optimise the use of energy and in turn, use less of it to do more.

By offering a wide array of benefits across multiple industries, the smart technology trend has already become widespread, and shows no sign of abating. After all, we all want to save time and money and in the process become more productive, comfortable and secure. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, and to better understand our visitors.

marketing and smart technology solutions

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When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalized web experience. We respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies. Click on the different category headings to find out more and change our default settings. However, blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer.And we have lots of tools to accomplish this — automated email campaigns based on segmented audiences; geo-location tracking to offer consumers special deals when they are in close proximity; re-targeting ads based on what consumers have already looked at, etc.

In short, we have a lot of technology available that can target our customer base more efficiently and offer them what we know they will find valuable.

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But what about the newer tools, specifically smart tech? A basic definition of smart technology is that it goes beyond just the normal sending and receiving, consumer searching for information, and the traditional turning things on and off. Instead, it offers the consumer much more interaction and control, through use of the Internet. Consumers are certainly warming to the idea of using smart tech to control everything from their home security systems to their thermostats.

A broader definition of smart technology is needed, however, especially in the area of digital marketing. While AI and machine learning is a part of the former definition, the use of these smart technologies goes far beyond control of devices.

A bank that is looking to market loan products based upon consumer needs and desires will make use of big data and the ability of AI to make predictive analyses.

Data scientists have developed algorithms for gathering data from virtually every source on the web, to churn that data, and to make predictions about which loan products certain demographics will want, even what times of the year they may seek certain types of loans.

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Banks can then use all of this information to develop loan products that they can market to specific demographics. The implications of big data are clear for marketing.

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Almost every consumer-based business can make use of the information that it presents, to approach product development and marketing strategies on science, rather than hunches. VR headsets were a huge Christmas gift item in But this smart technology has now moved far beyond these venues.

Providing consumers with product and service experiences before they make purchasing decisions is what drives marketers to incorporate AR and VR into their marketing campaigns. Consider the following examples:. Using this technology provides consumers with interactive and compelling experiences — experiences that bring them into a closer and more personal relationship with companies.

Everyone is familiar with personal assistants, both on their phones and at home. Armed with AI, these bots can answer questions about products or services. But they also learn as customers interact with them. This allows them to make suggestions based upon gathered data about similar consumer preferences. Taco Bell introduced the first chatbot for a fast food restaurant in It not only takes orders for carryout, but it will make suggestions for additional food items based upon what a customer orders.

Another marketing innovation has to do with the expansion of businesses to overseas markets. They have to secure translation of website content, of course, but they can also imbed chatbots that speak the language of the target audience and perform the same functions as they do for the native audience.

This provides a foreign customer base with much better experiences. And IBM has recently introduced its Watson Conversation Globalization which will quickly provide translations within chatbots into any number of languages. He wants information and answers immediately; he wants to be engaged and entertained; he wants personalized treatment from companies; and he prefers his voice to tapping keys. Smart tech provides solutions for all of these demands, and marketers would do well to take heed.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Thursday, December 17, Get help. Home featured Smart tech — Is it the future of marketing?With all the hustle and bustle of running a business, you may have fallen out of touch with what's hot in technology and which of the latest and greatest gadgets can help you in your business.

But never fear--from hardware to tech services, we've compiled these tips to bring you up to speed. Increase Communication With Far-Flung Employees It sounds basic, but the first step in setting up a technology solution for working with offsite employees is to figure out just what you need to do with your extended work force.

Most growing businesses with multiple work sites will have two particular needs at the top of their list: the ability for employees to talk with each other on a minute-by-minute basis and the ability to have access to files away from the office. To add to the challenge, these needs have to be met at a price point that won't strain the budget. Meeting these requirements doesn't require deep secrets or complex technology.

Basically, it's about e-mail, telephones and IM. For e-mail, outsourcing can provide extra features, higher security and web access. For IM, you can use the many free solutions offered online.

marketing and smart technology solutions

And if you want access to customers no matter what IM platform they're using, try chat clients like Trillian that allow you to cross platforms. And for that pesky file-sharing problem? Look for in-house servers that offer secure web access and online file sharing.

Use Wiki to Ease Collaboration Chances are, you may be familiar with wiki by way of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia fed by contributions from thousands of people. A wiki is a web page that multiple users can collaborate on--it's generally basic in design and easy to use.

Now, like the blogging phenomenon, wikis are starting to work their way into the business arena. Ross Mayfield, CEO and co-founder of Palo Alto, California-based Socialtext, a group productivity and wiki solution provider, says wikis have two main benefits: They boost group productivity and also act as a business knowledge base where information is logged and easily accessible.

The constantly-changing nature of wiki means it may never be completely finished, but it does remain up-to-date. Mayfield says candidates for wiki use include companies that generate a lot of documentation through groups, are team-project-oriented or seek a collaborative writing environment.

Just freeing your inbox from the heaps of cc'ed e-mails and boosting productivity can be worth the investment. Create a Continuity Strategy You never know how much you depend on technology until you don't have access to it anymore. If a disaster strikes, you may not only suffer direct losses of data and hardware, but indirect losses due to downtime. But with some foresight and planning, you can avoid sustained downtime--and lost profits.

First, create a broad, holistic plan to ensure business continuity, not just disaster recovery. This plan should involve every part of your business, such as processes, operations, assets, employees and so on. Your overall goal: to prevent business disruption--then minimize it if it does occur. To this end, you should:.

Before you make a large tech expenditure, make sure you actually need whatever new technology you want to buy. Inventory all your current PCs, printers and software, and look for opportunities to consolidate purchases, standardize configurations and root out duplication.

The company was also able to reduce PC configurations from 10 to three. To continue spending smart, pick a team of people--be sure to include at least one IT expert--and meet with them regularly to discuss what they need and how to save on it.

Protecting Your Business and Your Data 5. No More Passwords Biometrics is the use of body measurements to identify people. These technologies rely on the uniqueness of the human body to identify individuals, literally measuring your biological features and behaviors. The technology can scan your fingertips, hands, face, iris, retina, voice pattern or even behavioral characteristics. Eventually, passwords may become unnecessary since biometrics provide a convenient replacement and don't require memorizing obscure combinations of letters and numbers.

Fingerprint identification is making its way into portable devices like cell phones, PDAs and laptops--hardware that's vulnerable when lost or stolen. Since businesses can't afford to lose their data, fingerprint readers make more sense than password protection.Also great mobile solutions for when employees are out of the office. The few times that I actually do need to call customer service, they are always happy to help and never give up on finding a solution.

Very easy to work with. If your business is in the search for nothing but the best, then Nextiva should be the first option you consider. Originally founded by CEO Tomas Gorny in 2006, Nextiva has yet to slow down with year after year of innovation. By 2008, Nextiva was up and running with early customers, and by 2017 they now provide service to over 100,000 customers worldwide. With a reputation for one of the top companies to work for, Nextiva offers a warm and positive atmosphere that even extends to their client base.

Nextiva has won multiple awards for their outstanding U. Innovation is also something Nextiva is highly regarded for, as the provider is constantly changing the landscape and introducing revolutionary solutions and products.

Their next generation call center platform, NextOS and data analytic solutions put Nextiva in a class of their own. It should come as almost no surprise to hear that Nextiva frequently ranks top amongst user reviews of service providers. Nextiva offers some of the most compelling services and solutions at some of the best price points for the industry, all while maintaining a robust, carrier grade network with redundant data centers scattered around the country.

Any business that requires an absolute complete package, but also might require some assistance in developing the best solution for their unique situation will enjoy the level of service that Nextiva provides.

Beyond just communications, Nextiva has continued to innovate and expand their offerings wherever the Nextiva touch is necessary.

Top 5 Smart Workplace Technology Trends in 2019

Nextiva does also offer PBX SIP trunking for any business that wants to take advantage of legacy solutions, or even Nextiva Drive for cloud storage and Nextiva vFax for all internet faxing. Cloud Communication Advisor Business VoIPHosted PBXSIP TrunkingEnterprise VoIPCall Center SoftwareTeam CollaborationResidential VoIPOnline Fax Overall Get Pricing Nextiva Scottsdale, AZ www. Have loved using this software on our Have loved using this software on our computers and phones.

Write Review Visit Website Overall Quality Installation Reliability November 22, 2017 Have loved using this software on our computers and phones. Would Recommend: Yes Nick H. Would Recommend: Yes John C. Nextiva has created a portal that Nextiva has created a portal that makes it extremely easy to set up and manage employees quickly and accurately.

Write Review Visit Website Overall Quality Installation Reliability November 21, 2017 Nextiva has created a portal that makes it extremely easy to set up and manage employees quickly and accurately.

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Smart tech – Is it the future of marketing?

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marketing and smart technology solutions

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